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Dr.Antoun Hajj

Dr Antoun Hajj holds a Doctoral Degree in Podiatric Medicine and double bachelor degree in health scien and in biochemistry. He also completed a intensive 4months training in pediatric, orthopedic, radiology and wound care at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

Dr Antoun Hajj continually keeps up-to-date on new developments by attending conferences and training throughout the United States and Canada. He also holds a foot and ankle radiology and ultrasound certification.

Dr.Élie Bélanger

Dr Élie Bélanger, holds a Doctoral Degree in Podiatric Medicine and is passionate about everything with foot health. During his externship at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, he perfected his skills in podiatric surgery, podopediatry, radiology and orthopedic podiatry. He continually keeps abreast of new developments by attending training a recent example of which is a course on “targeted foot ultrasound”.

In the last few years he has regularly helped people in need, dipensing his unpaid expertise to beneficiaries of the Accueil Bonneau in Montreal and, participating to an International Aid project in Morocco last year.

A former player of high level volley ball himself, he also has a keen interest in sports. He therefore applies his podiatric knowledge to different sports, offering a complete service to sports aficionados, whether competitive or recreational.

Dr. Stephen Davis

Le Dr.Stephen Davis est détenteur d’un Doctorat en Médecine Podiatrique de l’université du Québec à de Trois-Rivière. En 2010, il ouvra sa première clinique dans le secteur Aylmer. En 2011, pour accommoder la demande, il ouvra une deuxième clinique dans le secteur Hull.

Au cours des années, il a suivi des formations continues dans le domaine de la médecine sportive pour soigner des sportifs tel que des coureurs, des joueurs de haut niveau de soccer et de hockey.

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