Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Your heel feels uncomfortable? You may suffer from a PLANTAR FASCIITIS or HEEL SPUR which has similar symptoms. Fasciitis is the most common cause of foot pain diagnosed and treated by podiatrists.

Our doctors of podiatric medicine are experts in the treatment of this problem which can become chronic, if not treated.

Heel spurs and the plantar fasciitis share many symptoms. This being said, it is important to properly investigate the origin and development of the foot symptoms in order to properly discriminate between these two disorders.

More often than not, plantar fasciitis begins with a change in routine. For example, new shoes, new work or exercise regime may give rise to a fasciitis. Early symptoms normally appear in the morning with a slight discomfort in the heel. When symptoms worsen, it is important to consult quickly a podiatrist who will assess the cause and restore the proper foot function.

The main treatment options offered at the clinic include: taping, plantar orthoses, laser treatment, cortisone injections and foot manipulation techniques.

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