Postural and biomechanical evaluation

A biomechanical examination which involves an evaluation of the bone structure and muscle performance allows for the identification of mechanical defects or weaknesses in the lower limbs.

The human body is affected by posture. In fact, the identification of mechanical weaknesses provides insight into the development of certain foot problems.

It is important to note that posture is dynamic. It is in constant change and adapts to the conditions imposed upon it for better or for worse. For example, standing and sitting at work stations, weight gain and weight loss and repetitive movements at work or in sports activities have an impact on the posture.

A podiatric postural examination helps determine the source of problems and the appropriate treatment in order to contain damages to other parts of the body and prevent the onset of compensation mechanisms.

The manufacturing of orthoses is always based on the postural evaluation in order to ensure the optimization of the body functions.

Evaluation of bone structure and muscle
 Postural examination at the Clinique Podiatrique de Gatineau
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