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Dr.Antoun Hajj

Dr. Hajj holds a doctorate in podiatric medicine from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and a double bachelor's degree in biochemistry and health science with a specialization in neuroscience from the University of Ottawa. He also holds a certificate authorizing him to perform X-rays and ultrasounds of the foot and ankle. Dr. Hajj did a clinical and hospital clerkship at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in New York in pediatric surgery, pediatric pediatrics, radiology and podiatric orthopedics.

Dr. Hajj began his career as a podiatrist at the Clinique podiatrique de Gatineau in 2014. In 2016, he took the torch of his colleague, Dr. Davis, in the management of both clinics. Since 2014, Dr. Hajj has been assisting in various major surgeries with Dr. Marie-Christine Torchon, podiatrist-surgeon and collaborator at the Clinique podiatrique de Gatineau. It is in 2017 that Dr. Hajj will become the owner of Ottawa Foot Clinic where he will continue his passion for podiatry. Dedicated to his profession, Dr. Hajj joined the Continuing Education Committee of the Ordre des podiatres du Québec to help advance the knowledge of Quebec podiatrists.

As a health professional, integrity is undoubtedly the main value a podiatrist must possess. According to Dr. Hajj, it is also essential that the podiatrist be passionate about his profession. The patient deserves a competent professional and dedicated to the patients.

Dr.Élie Bélanger

Dr Élie Bélanger, holds a Doctoral Degree in Podiatric Medicine and is passionate about everything with foot health. During his externship at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, he perfected his skills in podiatric surgery, podopediatry, radiology and orthopedic podiatry. He continually keeps abreast of new developments by attending training a recent example of which is a course on “targeted foot ultrasound”.

In the last few years he has regularly helped people in need, dipensing his unpaid expertise to beneficiaries of the Accueil Bonneau in Montreal and, participating to an International Aid project in Morocco last year.

A former player of high level volley ball himself, he also has a keen interest in sports. He therefore applies his podiatric knowledge to different sports, offering a complete service to sports aficionados, whether competitive or recreational.

Dr. Stephen Davis

Dr. Davis holds a Doctorate in podiatric medicine from the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières and is the founder of the Podiatric Clinic of Gatineau. In 2010, he opened his first clinic in the Aylmer sector and a year later, to meet the demand, he opened a second clinic in the Hull sector.

Dr. Davis completed a clinical and hospital internship at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine where he further developed his knowledge of podiatric surgery, pediatric podiatry, radiology and podiatric orthopedics. Dr. Davis also holds a certificate authorizing him to do foot and ankle ultrasounds. Over the years, he has followed numerous continuous education courses in the field of sport medicine so that he may treat athletes, such as running enthusiasts, high-level soccer players and hockey players.

Dr. Maria Hajj

Maria Hajj.png

Fascinated by sports and indoor training, Dr.  Maria Hajj, began her university studies in  Sciences of physical activity at the University of Ottawa before continuing her studies in podiatric medicine at the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières. After obtaining her Doctorate in April 2017, she completed a two-month internship at a hospital in Joliette to help expand her  knowledge of diabetic wound care. She also completed a second four-month internship at the prestigious New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Furthermore, in  November 2017, she completed her training  in Targeted Ultrasound of the Foot and Ankle.

Dr. Hajj is committed to the well-being of her patients and will take the time to explain things and offer personalized advice and treatment.

Dr. Assia Abibsi

Dr. Assia Abibsi graduated in 2012 from the Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières, earning her Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine. In that same year, Dr. Abibsi completed a clinical and hospital internship at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine where she broadened her knowledge of podiatric surgery, podiatric orthopedics and pediatric podiatry. She also holds a certificate that allows her to do x-rays and ultrasounds of the foot and ankle and is also certified in wound care. 

Assia Abibsi.jpg

With more than 7 years of practice in Montreal as a podiatrist, research assistant and internship supervisor, Dr. Abibsi is now, since February 2019, pursing her career as a Podiatrist at the Gatineau Podiatric Clinic. In collaboration with the Association of Podiatrists Without Borders, Dr. Abibsi has participated in two humanitarian expeditions, the first being in Morocco in 2014 and the second in Bolivia in 2015. Dr. Abibsi is very devoted to her profession and to patient protection. She has been a member of the Board of directors of the Ordre des podiatres du Québec since 2013. 


Dr. Marie-Christine Torchon

In 2002, Dr. Marie-Christine Torchon graduated from Concordia University in Cellular and Molecular Biology and then continued her studies at the prestigious New York College of Podiatric Medicine from 2003 to 2007 where she obtained her title as Podiatrist with two major distinctions: Magna Cum Laude and 2nd of class (Salutatorian). In 2010, Dr. Torchon completed her 3-year surgical residency at Cambridge Health Alliance affiliated with Harvard University in Boston. A few years later, from 2013 to 2014, Dr. Torchon successfully completed a graduate program in International Health at Université de Sherbrooke. Then, in 2017, Dr. Torchon decided to pursue a postgraduate degree in Advanced Public Health - Global Health Option. Marie-Christine Torchon.png

Dr. Torchon is currently working in three clinics as a Podiatrist-Foot Surgeon consultant. She has been working at the Clinique de l'Avenir in Laval since 2011, at the Gatineau Podiatry Clinique since 2017 and at the Opus Clinic in Montreal since 2018. Moreover, since 2019, she has owned and operated a clinic in her home region, that is the Clinique podiatrique de l’Assomption. Furthermore, for the past 8 years, Dr. Torchon has been a Clinical Professor at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR). She also acted as Educational Director for the UQTR podiatric clinic between 2011 and 2017. In 2011, Dr. Torchon began giving lectures on diabetic feet, on various podiatric treatments and foot surgeries. Dr. Torchon has always given back to the community in various ways. For example, since 2013, she has been a volunteer at the Accueil Bonneau, a charity organization that serves homeless people in Montreal and since 2015, she has been a volunteer clinician and head of the UQTR podiatric community clinic for OMHTR residents of low-income households. She has also taken part in several humanitarian expeditions to help different communities around the world and she is Vice President of the Association of Podiatrists Without Borders.

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